European Union Visitors Program (EUVP) for Belarusian professionals

The European Union Visitors Program (EUVP) invites young, promising leaders from countries outside the European Union to visit Europe to gain a first-hand appreciation of the EU’s institutions, policies, values, and people to increase mutual understanding between professionals from non-EU countries and their EU counterparts.

The EUVP is jointly sponsored and administered by the European Parliament and the European Commission. An EUVP visit consists of an individual 5- to 8-day program of meetings with EU officials at the EU institutions in Brussels and/or Strasbourg. All programs are coordinated and arranged by the EUVP Secretariat rather than by individual participants. Travel and per diem costs are covered by the EUVP. For more details on the program, please visit the EUVP website.

Who is eligible to participate?

Belarusians with a career-related interest in the European Union are invited to apply for the EUVP.

Eligible participants include government officials, journalists, educators, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and other professionals aged 30-40 with career-related interests in the European Union. Candidates will be professionals in a field where their EUVP experience will enhance their understanding of EU-Belarus relations and contribute positively to their chosen career path. Basic knowledge of EU institutions and their functioning is a plus.

Please note that the EUVP is not designed as a program for students: participants are required to have completed their university education or equivalent training and to have been employed for several years in their chosen career field.

Find more information and apply here